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Empty Nest Essentials 

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Hi awesome mom!

You did it!!  You successfully launched your child into adulthood.  I know it wasn't always easy.  I know that you put all of yourself into this process.  I know, because I did that too!  I dedicated 20 years to raising my kids and I put other things on hold in order to do so.  After my daughter had already left home, I came to the realization that I was the mom who had lost herself in the process of raising my kids.  It was a difficult thing to realize.  I thought that I was doing the right thing by putting them first at all times.  I just didn't know that my connection to me would get lost in the process.  Does this sound familiar?

Who Am I Now?

Do you feel that you got lost in the shuffle of raising your kids?  Have you forgotten your own hopes and dreams?  It's not too late!  Now that your kids have moved out (or are about to move out), this is the perfect time to make a shift towards doing the things that fill you up and make you happy.  Don't wait.  It's your turn again!

It will take a little exploration.  If you're like I was, you don't even know what it is that you want to explore, do or be.  It will also take some time.  In order to figure out what you want to do, you're going to need to try a few things.  Through a little trial and error, you'll begin to connect to yourself again and you'll also connect to what you want to do in these next years of your life.  

I believe in you!  I know that you matter too and that you still have a lot to contribute.  Find your passion.  Find your focus.  Create the life that you put on hold so many years ago!

Find Community

Join us in Empty Nest Essentials to begin to uncover your dreams and desires in this stage of life.  You'll connect with other moms who are empty nesters or soon to be empty nesters.  You'll share experiences and you'll also get to know yourself again!  

Being part of a community means that you don't have to go through this alone!  We're here to help guide you and listen to you.  We want to learn from you as well.  

Your investment 

Your investment in your own growth is just $129.  

Don't wait to begin your own transformational journey!  You'll gain access to this 4-week course and you'll also be able to join the private Empty Nest Essentials Facebook group where you can connect to other moms who are going through this same shift to life after kids.  

You've given so much of yourself to your kids, now give back to yourself!

 I'm excited to meet you in the Facebook group and I can't wait to see you thrive!

Lessons in Empty Nest Essentials:

  1. 1 Week 1 - Check-in

    Objective: It's time to check-in and see where you are starting.

  2. 2 Week 1 - Meditation

    Objective: To bring focus to your mind and breath.

  3. 3 Week 1 - Journaling Cues

    Objective: To learn more about yourself.

  4. 4 Week 1 - Awareness Breaks

    Objective: Practice awareness throughout the day.

  5. 5 Week 1 - I Commit to Myself

    Objective: Commit to yourself again.

  6. 6 Week 2 - My Perfect Day

    Objective: Your Ideal day

  7. 7 Week 2 - Meditation

    Objective: You have permission to be you.

  8. 8 Week 2 - Balance With Your Breath

    Objective: To bring balance to your mind & body

  9. 9 Week 2- My Truth

  10. 10 Week 3 - Your Sacral Chakra

    Objective: Let's heal and open your Sacral Chakra

  11. 11 Week 3 - Meditation

    Objective: Meet your future self

  12. 12 Week 3 - Journal

    Objective: Journal about your creativity and pleasure

  13. 13 Week 3 - Treat Yourself

  14. 14 Week 4 - Check-in

  15. 15 Week 4 - Meditation

    Objective: Walking Meditation

  16. 16 Week 4 - How Do I Choose What To Change?

  17. 17 Week 4 - What's Next for me?

About Becky Watson

I'm a mom of 2, a wife and a thriving yoga therapist. I was also the mom who spent so much time on my kids that I forgot to stay connected to myself. When my daughter was about to leave to finish her last 2 years of high school at a boarding school, it hit me that I didn't have long with my kids. My son was 4 years younger & I knew the time with him would fly by. And then, he also ended up leaving to finish high school at a boarding school. I spent the 4 years between when my daughter left & my son left exploring what I wanted to do. I had spent the past 20 years focusing on being a mom. Everything I did revolved around their well-being. Through a lot of self-inquiry, I discovered Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. After finishing my training, I wanted to help moms like you figure out what you want to do with yourselves after your kids leave home. I believe moms still have so much to give and contribute to the world & I want to help each of you thrive in your empty nest years.
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